2008 DELHI

· Which country has the lowest sex ratio in the world? What is its sex ratio?

· Name the country which has the highest human development index


· Name the country where practically every farmer is a member of a cooperative society


· Which stream of migration is dominated by male migration in India?

Rural to urban

· What is the rank of India in human development index among the countries of the world in 2005?

· What is the meaning of human settlement?

· Which are the two main types of iron ore found in India

· What was the main aim behind establishing border road organisation in India

· Name the biggest sea port of India

· What is the main reason of degradation of the quality of water in India

· State six approaches of human geography

· Explain with examples any three geographical factors which influence the distribution of population in the world.

· Explain three characteristics of modern large scale manufacturing in the world

· Compare the features of rural and urban marketing centres of the world in three points

· Which are the three groups of Indian population according to their economic status? Explain main characteristics of each group

· Why is irrigation necessary in India? Explain any three reasons

· Why is conservation of minerals essential in India? How can we conserve them? Explain in two points.

· State any two major sources of air pollution in India? How is air pollution harmful to human health? Explain

· Define the term transport. Describe any four features of highways of north America.

· Analyse the five bases of international trade

· Explain any five factors which affect the location of rural settlements in the world

· Describe any five major problems of Indian agriculture

· Describe any five features of changing patterns of the composition of India’s import.

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